Hercules Fiberglass

Hunting Blinds

Hercules Fiberglass Hunting Blinds are built to be virtually indestructible.

Built for toughness. Built for adventures. Built for legacies. Built for heroes.

All Hercules Fiberglass Hunting Blinds are crafted with factory-tested durable materials, designed to handle all the abuse you and nature can inflict. We insulate our fiberglass blinds with 1/2 inches of foam (and can custom add up to 6 inches of foam) and surround it with hand-laid fiberglass. At Hercules Outdoor Industries, we have the toughest hunting blinds in the business.

Hercules Fiberglass Hunting Blinds are designed to function in the field alongside you, and make you feel as at home in the wilderness as you are in your own living room.  Our heavy-duty commercial-grade blinds are great for group hunts and guides, with enough room to easily fit up to four people inside. All that spaciousness creates perfect box blind for both professional and hobbyist hunters looking for a real adventure or family outing.

So go ahead throw out those dusty old pop-up blinds, and get to hunting.

The Hercules way.

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